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Was Acts 29 Part of the Original Bible?

Various links of Acts 29 and its commentaries are at

The Long Lost Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles Containing the Account of Paul's Journey in Spain and Britain With Notes and Comments by the Late T. G. Cole

Acts 29
Is the Sonnini Manuscript Genuine?
The Lost Chapter of the Book of Acts

29th Chapter of Acts

Acts 29 (from The Sonnini Manuscript)

Sonnini Manuscript (Acts 29)

Acts 29 is from the "Sonnini Manuscript". Was Acts 29 part of the original bible? From a prophetic angle, it is possible.

The Christian Calendar and the Bible were Altered

Dan 7:25b OOYLT
... it hopeth to change seasons and law; and they are given into its hand, till a time, and times, and a division of a time.

The ancient Roman Catholic church did much damage after the Roman Empire converted to Christianity. The Christian calendar and the bible were altered to appease the pagan converts.

The Seasons were Changed

The pagans were celebrating Easter and Saturnella. The early Christians were celebrating the Passover, Yom Kipper, and other Jewish holidays. After the Roman Empire converted to Christianity, the Roman Catholic church modified the pagan events by changing Saturnella to Christmas. And claimed Jesus was born on Christmas and rose from the dead on Easter.

Lk 2:8,11 OOYLT
And there were shepherds in the same region, lodging in the field, and keeping the night-watches over their flock, ... because there was born to you to-day a Saviour -- who is Christ the Lord -- in the city of David,

It is clear that Jesus was not born on Christmas. Jesus was born the same evening when shepherds were tending their flocks. It is too cold during December in hilly Bethlehem to tend sheeps at nights. Read the commentary for Lk 2:8 in Barnes New Testament Notes, Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible, and Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary. You can find these commentaries at

Mk 16:1 OOYLT
And the sabbath having past, Mary the Magdalene, and Mary of James, and Salome, bought spices, that having come, they may anoint him,

Lk 23:56 OOYLT
and having turned back, they made ready spices and ointments, and on the sabbath, indeed, they rested, according to the command.

It is also clear that Jesus did NOT rose from the dead on Easter. There is no way one can reconcile the above two verses using the traditional "Friday to Sunday" church calendar. Try to solve the crucifixion riddle,

Crucifixion Riddle

If you want hints, then see

Crucifixion Hints

And if you are still stuck after a long time and want the 12 pages answer essay, see Crucifixion Solution.

The Law was Changed

The bible is 49, not 66, books. It was rearranged by Jerome around 382-405 AD when he translated the bible to the Latin Vulgate. Furthermore he rearranged the bible to have a more "Gentile taste" than "Jewish taste".

For more commentaries, see OOYLT's Introduction and Commentary pages.

Was Acts 29 also Pulled Out?

Did Jerome also took out Acts 29 so that the bible has a further "gentile taste"? Was the bible was further altered to appease the new pagan converts? There are several prophetic angles on why Acts 29 is part of the bible.

The ancient Roman Catholic Church was a good church when it was an underground persecuted church before the Roman Empire converted to Christianity. After the Roman Empire converted to Christianity, the ancient Roman Catholic Church turned sour. And rewrote history against the national Celtic British church so that their church is prominient. Eventually it plunged into the dark age. I am suspicious that Acts 29 and possibly other passages were removed from the bible while the ancient Roman Catholic Church rewrote history. Acts 29 supports the fact that Britain was evangelized shortly after Jesus was crucified.

There are debate about the authenticity of Acts 29. Some believe that Acts 29 is fake. (UPDATE 1/16/17: can not find this paper)

The bible webpage mentioned two problems.
  • The MCF mentions that "Luke only wrote what he eye-witnessed, which is why Acts ends before Paul's departure from Rome and his voyage to Spain."
  • The fact that no one seems to know the whereabouts of the pillars, which were prophesied to stand until the Second Coming. If this was a true prophecy there would be a well known monument somewhere.
Having one source for Acts 29 does not convince me of its authenticity. If Acts 29 is true, it would be all over the place. If you are a bible scholar and can read ancient languages, prayfully ask the Lord about searching through various old Acts texts written before Jerome translated the bible to the Latin Vulgate. I am no bible scholar - only know less than a dozen Greek word and less than a handful of Hebrew words.

Finding old scriptures is probably problematic. If chapter 29 is there, then there is more likehood that Jerome took it off. If chapter 29 is not there, then there is more likehood that Acts 29 is fake. Even if the manuscript is broken, damaged, or incomplete, you can still check on whether Acts 29 is included in the Book of Acts.

While you are at it, check the end of James which is also missing "Amen". Do me a favor, please let me know if you find anything.

Prayfully consider help restoring the bible to 49 books. Original Ordered Young's Literal Translation (OOYLT) is the first good "49 books" translation - The Holy Bible in its Original Order, the first 49 books bible, has faulty Armstrong's doctrines. Prayerfully consider doing:
Just be sure that the Lord calls you to do these work(s) before getting your hand dirty. And bathe the work(s) with much prayer.

pdf version of Acts 29 Essay


Last modified on 1/16/17

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