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OOYLT website moved. The new website is at

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I recommend you use several good bibles, not just one. Then if one is found questionable, the others are good. Your soul is precious. Be sure your soul is feeding from authentic Word of God. Do not use any bible that are perverse or questionable. For more, see BadBibles.php.

49 books bible

As of Aug 2012, there are two 49 books bibles (if there are more, please let me know): "The Holy Bible In Its Original Order" (OOB) and "Original Ordered Young's Literal Translation" (OOYLT). Hopefully there will be more in the future.

OOB is the first 49 books bible. Unfortunately this bible has some false doctrines of the Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God. One important doctrinal difference is that, this church does not believe in the deity of the Holy Spirit.

OOYLT is just 'Young's Literal Translation" shuffled to the correct order. YLT, an excellent translation, was written in 1896, not exactly modern English, but readable. No translation work was done.

OOYLT is public domain since it is just "public domain" YLT shuffled to the original order. OOYLT can be downloaded OR read online. As of Aug 2012, there is no paper edition (but someone is welcomed to produce one). The OOYLT weblink is


If that weblink is broken, try (OOYLT TOC)

Go to the Download OOYLT webpage for instructions on how to download OOYLT.

66 books bible

Unfortunately, most modern bibles are severely corrupt and were translated from the wrong Greek manuscript. The correct copies (for translation to English) are the Massorites manuscript (Hebrew) for the Old Testament and the Textus Receptus (Greek) for the New Testament. I did a study on bible translations and found only a few translations are acceptable.

The acceptable translations (in my opinion) are

King James Version Bible (KJV) [made 1611, but last revised in 1850; old English]

Webster Bible (WB)
[made 1833; slightly old English]

Young's Literal Translation (YLT)
[made 1898; slightly old English]

Revised Webster Bible (RWB)
[made 1995; easy English definitions, but old English sentences]

Updated King James Version Bible (UKJV) [made 2000; easy English definitions, but old English sentences]

American King James Version Bible
[made 1999; easy English definitions, but old English sentences]

King James 2000 Bible [KJ2000]
[made 2000; do not confuse with 21KJ; easy to read]

Revised Young's Literal Translation
[as of Aug 2012, the Old Testament is not done; easy to read]

Very old translations worthy of honorable mention are

Wycliffe Bible
[made 1380? early version; 1404? late version]

Tyndale Bible
[made 1526]

Geneva Bible
[made 1560; used by the pilgrims]

I do not use the KJV bible unless I am in the bathroom where I need a hard copy (otherwise I use an electronic device). The English language in that bible is too old (at least for me). My favorite translations are WB, RWB, UKJV, and YLT bibles. The WB and YLT bibles are old, but the English language is over 200 years after the KJV bible and I find them to be readable. The UKJV, AKJV, and RWB bibles are the KJV, KJV, and WB bibles, respectively, except all the old English words are replaced with modern English words. The KJ2000 bible is good for those whom need an elementary reading bible. The RYLT bible has only the New Testament (as of 8/12). For hard copies, see comment 7.

For churches that need an easy-to-read, public domain bible for viewgraphs, I suggest looking at UKJV or RWB (both public domain). These translations have old English sentences but easy English definitions.

Bible versions with thee, thy, and thou is NOT a valid reason for not using these versions. They are God's attributes. Once you know their definitions, it is easy to understand. If you don't already, see

If you still think thee, thou, and thy should not be used, then eliminate all the songs that have them, e.g., "Be thou my vision", "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet", etc. The church sings hundreds of songs with thee, thou, and thy.

Bible versions using antique words is a valid reason. In the first 12 chapter of KJV, there are firmament, replenish, conception, vagabond, artificer, begat, asswaged, abated, perpetual, husbandman, thence, sojourn, and entreated. While a person with graduate degree probably can figure out the definition of most of these words, it is unrealistic for someone with elementary education to understand these words.

There are a few free bible programs available. There is no need to buy a program, since most programs have all you need unless you are a scholar at a theologian school studying the bible deeply. Most people, including many pastors, just need bible translations, commentaries, maps, and dictionaries.

For Window OS, two GNU (copyleft) programs stand out: Sword and E-sword. Sword and E-sword basic installation do not have much. After you install them, download the translations, commentaries, maps, and dictionaries, you desire.

For Linux-based OS, you can get BibleTime or Xiphos which use the Sword library. Install BibleTime or Xiphos. Then add translations, commentaries, maps, and dictionaries, from the Sword library.

For (Mac) OS X, there is a similar program that uses the Sword library - go to the Sword website and find it.

Download a basis bible program at

Sword (Window; for Linux, you need just the libraries)

E-sword (Window)

BibleTime (Linux)

Xiphos (linux; was GNOMESword)

Download the better bible translations (see section 1.; Wycliffe, Tyndale, Geneva, KJV, WB, YLT, AKJV, UKJV, and RWB). KJ2000 can be downloaded for e-sword only (as of 10/15/10).

Download commentaries. The big three (in my opinion) are

Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible
Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary
Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete, not Concise)

Other good and useful commentaries (in my opinion) are

Barnes' New Testament Notes
Geneva Bible Translation Notes
John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible
The People's New Testament
John Wesley's Notes on the Bible

Download dictionaries/lexicons. Good ones (in my opinion) are

Definitions and Symbols from The Two Babylons
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Nave's Topical Bible
Noah Webster's Dictionary

If you like Greek and Hebrew, download the Strong's dictionaries.

If you want a computer program to analyze the bible, consider

Alkitab Bible Study (window, linux, macs; free basic but $$$ for add-ons)

Bible Analyzer (window, linux)

BPBible (window, linux)

If you like UKJV or RYLT, you can download them separately from



If you like hardcopies, it is very easy to get a KJV bible. Other hardcopy bibles are at

UKJV (links to -> store


It's hard to find WB and YLT, but you can get these bibles used.

Other websites of interested are listed below. You can
  1. download
  2. online
  3. one [or a few] verse[s]
  4. search
  5. buy
Wyc,Tyndale 1,2
KJV,WB,YLT,Wyc,Tyndale,Geneva 2,3,4
AKJV 1,2 (download is Sword/Bibletime/Xiphos only) KJ2000, KJV, YLT 2
KJV,WB,YLT 1,2,4-KJV & YLT only
Wyc NT,KJV,WB,YLT 1,2,3 (download is with BibleDatabase only)
KJV,WB,YLT 1,2,3,4 (download is with Unbound Bible only)
KJV,YLT,Wyc-NT 2,3,4
Geneva 5

Some useful online resourses (commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, etc) are at -> Browse our library

Mobile bibles

1. Online Mobile Bible

You can read the bible online if your cellphone can surf the web. Online OOYLT and KJV are at (OOYLT) (KJV)

Multiple bibles can be found at

Be aware that the default bible is the corrupt NIV - so you will need to change the bible version. For example in, you can click the "Browse" button and choose a good bible. These websites also have references (commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, and others).

2. Offline Mobile Bible

You can add a bible app if your cellphone allows it. Chances are high that your manufacturer has bible apps that you can install without a hiccup. Bible apps are at

I personally recommend adding Bible Reader, and then, adding KJV, YLT, WB, and AKJV. If you want fun reading, add Wyc, Tyn, and Geneva.

A good read is at

Last modified on 8/30/15

© Copyright 2015
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OOYLT website moved. The new website is at

Tip: look at the URL and notice which sub-directory you are in. Then click, and then, click the corresponding link in the navigation bar.