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Dan 7:25b OOYLT
... and it hopeth to change seasons and law;...

There are 49, not 66, books in the bible. 6 represents man and 666 represents the devil. 66 is not a good number. The bible books were altered by man inspired by the devil. 49 is 7 squared. 7 symbolizes God's completeness. 49 is God's completion emphasized. The bible being 49 books symbolizes God's plan of redemption for man is complete. The OT has 22, not 39, books and the NT has 27 books. The original OT is not missing 17 books, but 5 books are combination of books (e.g., The Minor Prophet consists of 12 minor prophet books). 22 also symbolizes God's completion. The OT was a complete set of God's law and order.

The law (number of bible books) was changed after the Roman Empire converted to Christianity. [Incidentally the seasons were also changed - Easter and Christmas were instituted after the Roman Empire converted to Christianity.] Jerome not only maliciously changed the number of bible books, but he also changed the order of the bible books. The original order of the OT places the OT books in the correct authority, that is, the authority of the laws and prophets are before other writings. The original order of the NT places the authority of the "Jewish" apostles John, Peter, James, and Jude over "Gentile" apostle Paul.

Incidentally it is possible that Jerome maliciously took chapter(s) out of the bible - we do not know. For more, see Was Acts 29 Part of the Original Bible?

OOYLT stands for Original Ordered Young's Literal Translation. It is YLT shuffled so that books are in the original order - no translation work was done. Please give credit to the late Robert Young who authored YLT. His biography can be found in the New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.

The pioneers of the 49 books bible are the late Dr. Ernest L. Martin, author of "Restoring the Original Bible", Fred R. Coulter, author of "The Holy Bible In Its Original Order" (OOB), and others. Be aware that Dr. Ernest L. Martin and Fred R. Coulter were/are part of Armstrong Worldwide Church of God and its splinter groups. These groups do not believe in the deity of the Holy Spirit and have other false doctrines. So OOB reflects these false doctrines.

I Thess 5:21 OOYLT
all things prove; that which is good hold fast;

The two books, "Restoring the Original Bible" and "The Holy Bible In Its Original Order" do present truths. One of the truths is that the bible should be 49, not 66, books. Just do not believe false doctrines including about the deity of the Holy Spirit. OOYLT uses a good translation, YLT, and shuffle the books in the correct order. OOYLT is public domain since it is just "public domain" YLT shuffled.

Why YLT and not some other bible?
For more about YLT, see YLT: Preface and Religion Wiki: YLT

Prayfully consider help restoring the bible to 49 books. Original Ordered Young's Literal Translation (OOYLT) is the first good "49 books" translation - The Holy Bible in its Original Order, the first 49 books bible, has faulty Armstrong's doctrines. Prayerfully consider these Opportunities.


You can download OOYLT or mobile OOYLT for personal use (no internet needed) or add OOYLT to your website. The download page is at Download OOYLT


Last modified on 9/7/15

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