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Note: This essay is especially geared for those living in the West Coast (Washington-Oregon-California). The same principles do apply for people living in other areas.

The short answer is pray and fast until you get an answer from the Lord. Take no shortcut, i.e., do NOT simply follow someone else. Each person is unique and the Lord has a different plan for each one of us.

The long answer is ...

West Coast Earthquake Prophecies

There has been numerous prophecies about the coming West Coast earthquake. Some of them are

Prophetic Warning: Major West Coast Earthquake is Coming Soon
by James Bailey (summarizing Morningstar Advanced Prophetic Ministry Conference in February, 2013)

Prophetic Word for California Concerning Impending Earthquake by Dr. Bill Hamon - Updated 9/25/12

Earthquake Prophesies by Bob Jones - 3/3/11

Tsunami & Mega Quake Signs & Testimonies

Pre Mega Quake Tsunami Warning Prophecies by various people - 8/23/2010 and earlier

Will California Sink into the Ocean on 5/10/13? - An Analysis of Joe Brandt's Dream - 3/18/13

San Francisco California Earthquake Tsunami Prophecy (video) - 1/23/12

California Earthquake Prophecies - 6/18/11

A good resource for current prophecies are at

Occasional more prophecies about West Coast Earthquake are posted. Also there are many on youtube - just do a search for "west coast earthquake prophecy".

California is on the Pacific plate. The area is known as "Ring of Fire" because the majority of the earthquake occurs due to this plate moving. You can learn more at the wikipedia page for "Ring of Fire"

Even in the secular world, there are concern about California being the next one to experience a major earthquake.

I sense that a major West Coast earthquake will come. There are too many identical prophecies predicting a major West Coast earthquake. The question is how do we respond to these prophecies. Let us look at how we should respond for two different groups of people: prophets and recipients.

How Prophets Should Respond

Eze 33:1-9 (OOYLT)
And there is a word of Jehovah unto me, saying, `Son of man, speak unto the sons of thy people, and thou hast said unto them: A land -- when I bring in against it a sword, And the people of the land have taken one man out of their borders, And made him to them for a watchman. And he hath seen the sword coming against the land, And hath blown with a trumpet, and hath warned the people, And the hearer hath heard the voice of the trumpet, and he hath not taken warning, And come in doth the sword, and taketh him away, His blood is on his head. The voice of the trumpet he heard, And he hath not taken warning, his blood is on him, And he who took warning his soul hath delivered. And the watchman, when he seeth the sword coming in, And he hath not blown with a trumpet, And the people hath not been warned, And come in doth a sword, And taketh away of them -- a soul, He in his iniquity is taken away, And his blood from the hand of the watchman I require. And thou, son of man, A watchman I gave thee to the house of Israel, And thou hast heard from My mouth a word, And thou hast warned them from Me. In My saying to the wicked, O wicked one -- thou dost surely die, And thou hast not spoken to warn the wicked from his way, He -- the wicked -- in his iniquity doth die, And his blood from thy hand I require. And thou, when thou hast warned the wicked of his way, to turn back from it, And he hath not turned back from his way, He in his iniquity doth die, And thou thy soul hast delivered.

The issue is accountability. A prophet is like a nosy mailman delivering a piece of the Lord's mail, but happened to had read it. The prophet's job is to deliver the mail and that's it. Prophets do not need to make things happen. It is the job of the recipients to pray over the message and to decide what to do. I.e., the recipients may refutes it, may delay, may do one step, or whatever. The recipients are accountable for responding correctly to the prophetic message.

People do not like prophets rocking-the-boat. But it is not the job of prophets to "realign the boat". It is the responsibility of the recipients to respond correctly to the prophetic message.

Prophets should not do anything further unless prompted by the Lord. The OT prophets are examples of this. A notable exception is Elijah when he was led by the Lord to confront the prophets of Ball. But even then, it was after 3 1/2 years, a long time for Israel to repent.

It takes courage to speak uncomfortable messages from the Lord. Many recipients will persecute the "bad message" prophets. The correct response is to pray and ask the Lord how to respond. And keep on praying until you receive an answer.

How Recipients Should Respond

Again, the short answer is to pray, pray, pray and fast, fast, fast, until you obtain the heart of the Lord concerning West Coast earthquake and your life. Again, do NOT merely follow someone else, but understand the Lord's plan for your life.

Before we discuss the long answer, let us lay some foundation about prophecies.

The Lord do speak prophetic predictions. But they must treated carefully. In other words, avoid the extremes:
  1. do not "run away" with prophetic predictions (I heard of some going astray) and
  2. do not be a zombie like as if the prophetic prediction never occur. The bible, especially in the OT, is full of prophetic predictions. There is no reason why the Lord do not share prophetic predictions today (even the NT has prophetic predictions, e.g., Rev., Mt 24, etc).
It is better to "sit" on a prophetic prediction and ask the Lord to speak again through other means (prophecies from different angles + circumstances have more weight than from a single source) than to wrongfully "run away" with the prophetic prediction.

It is important that we walk with the Lord every moment of our lives. Then He will get our attention if He wants to. And to those whom are not walking with the Lord, do so - have daily devotion time and learn to pray about everything. There are numerous prophecies about the difficult and dark days coming to USA. And a strong need to walk closely with the Lord for His protection. If you are not walking closely with the Lord, now is the time to start. It is not enough to just have daily devotion with Him - although that is a good start. But walk extremely close to the Lord - walk with the Lord moment by moment.

Rick Joyner (Morningstar Ministry) and others tell people to leave the Bay area unless the Lord tells otherwise. Bill Hamon (Christian International) and others tell people to stay unless the Lord tells otherwise. They are respectable prophets and we should be thankful for their ministries. However, I disagree with both. IMHO these default actions are "cop-out", "lazy man", and "live without God" approaches. I say, pray, pray, pray, and fast, fast, fast until the Lord reveals various issues, e.g., Again, it is better to bathe the prophetic prediction with prayer and do nothing different than to "run away" with the prophetic prediction. And keep this information in the back of our head and allow the Lord to speak thru other means. We should always be walking closely with the Lord and letting Him move us around as He desires.

My interpretation is, if everything goes on its natural course (living lives with no regard to the prophetic prediction), then a (or many) major West Coast earthquake will happen. The Lord wants us to repent and intercede to avert/delay/reduce judgment.

Jonah predicted destruction for Nineveh. But it did not happen because the people of Nineveh repented. Destruction of Jerusalem delayed during Josiah's time because the people turned their hearts back to the Lord.

Amos 3:7 OOYLT
For the Lord Jehovah doth nothing, Except He hath revealed His counsel unto His servants the prophets.

It is the Lord's desire not to allow judgment to come, but that the people would repent and turn their hearts back to Him.

We do not need to fear the coming earthquake and calamity. In Gen 18:16-19:29, the Lord saved Lot and He will save us likewise. But it is our responsibilities to walk closely with the Lord.

It is extremely important that we walk with the Lord every moment of our lives - especially nowaday when the Lord is speaking judgment to our nation. Then He ever want us to move, He will be able to grab our attention. And, again, to those whom are not walking with the Lord, do so - have daily devotion time and learn to walk with Him moments by moments (via prayer). He will protect us, but it is OUR RESPONSIBILITIES to walk closely with Him. After all if we are not close to Him, how can He moves us around? Would we still be under His Protection if He can not grab our attention?


It is vital that the West Coast earthquake prophecies are heeded. We are all accountable before the Lord about this serious issue. It is important that we pray and fast as much as needed to obtain the heart of the Lord for our lives. And do not quit seeking an answer from the Lord until we get our answers.

Dark days are coming - if America does not repent of her many sins - and we need to be close to the Lord. While Lord promises to protect His people, but it is OUR RESPONSIBILITIES to be close to Him and allow Him to move us around as needed. Do not assume that He will protect you when He cannot grab your attention.

If you are living in sin, repent - do it now. Do not think you will go to heaven with major sins in your life. There are numerous scriptures stating sinners will not enter heaven, i.e., Mt 6:13-14, Mt 7:7, 1 Cor 6:9-11, Gal 5:19-20, and Eph 5:5.

If you are not having daily devotion time with the Lord, today is the day to start. Spend quality time with Him by praying, reading the scripture, and worshipping. And go even further, do this not just one time a day but many times a day. And learn to be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Trinity.


UPDATE 10/22/13

If you are not right with the Lord and you flee the West Coast due to earthquakes, judgment will follow you. It is far more important to get right with the Lord than to try to survive calamities. A good reading on survivalism is at

In God's Eyes Survivalism Is Not Necessarily About Your Survival! By Kenneth Uptegrove

Last modified on 8/30/15

© Copyright 2015
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OOYLT website moved. The new website is at

Tip: look at the URL and notice which sub-directory you are in. Then click, and then, click the corresponding link in the navigation bar.